abled spirits
co-housing community

Abled Spirits Co-Housing Community, located in Cutchogue, New York, required a programmatic redevelopment to accommodate for a co-housing community. The building had to mediate the experiences and beliefs of all the habitants. The community development will aim to recognize and support the aging process of all - physically, mentally and spiritually - with specific emphasis on Parkinson's Disease and Hearing Loss. To accommodate the
simultaneous presence of all, the building offers plentiful and resourceful programmatic elements. 


A persistent design challenge presented was keeping members privacy while offering a larger sense of community fulfillment. A spiritual zen garden claims central location to all other building segments enabling the community center to function cohesively while offering many other outlets. To have community partnerships, one must have a home sanctuary to replenish and flourish.


As a response to the by-products of hearing loss, I am proposing a home, or sanctuary, that has uninterrupted sight lines, appropriate acoustic treatments and furniture layouts that support and encourage free communication.

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