reforesting the deforested

Global citizens are slowly and unknowingly suffering from ever-increasing global temperatures. The natural and unnatural factors that cause deforestation have resulted in enormous fatalities in many susceptible regions around the globe. Man has long filled the airs and waters with potent toxicity; burnt and broke land for selfish gain.

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the world's greatest climate stabilizers because of it's abundance of tree coverage and plant life. The uninterrupted effects of human interventions [to accommodate consumption; cattle farms, palm farms, mining, logging, urbanization] on rainforests has triggered more of a deforestation crises than any natural geological forces. This is an issue that extends past the indigenous tribes, wildlife and plant life to our global community.

I am proposing a 3 tier solution to combat the inevitable rise of our global temperatures...

educate + implement + engage

i_educate_ by way of a new experiential exhibit to generate a dialog between the citizens and the Rainforest. This is achieved by combining vernacular Amazonian building techniques, sustainable design methods, and recycled + up-cycled materials. Creating an educational, inspirational journey to display the detrimental effects of deforestation. The program is intended to offer a sense of understanding in cohesion with offering doable actions to leave our land better than we found it.


ii_implement_ a state of the art biology lab to host the rebirth, regeneration and rehabilitation of lost biodiversity, injured wildlife and plant life. This facility will be on the forefront of developing and implementing alternative sustainable methods, materials, etc. 


iii_engage_ with the surrounding community in a variety of ways; from gaining knowledge and insight into vernacular and natural methodologies, inclusion of locals in decisions and institutional practices by filling jobs within the facility, by combating and protecting from poachers, to deploying a ready in-house firefighting brigade when natural or unnatural fires start.

This project aims to offer long term sustainable solutions to deforestation [and mechanized livestock] that enables the improvement of life in local and global communities, alike.


This railing connection detail allows viewers to get as close to the edge as possible, offering panoramic views along all exterior and interior circulation pathways.

The shell of a contemporary building, The Museum of Tomorrow, is transported to the middle of the Amazon Rainforest to become the Reforestation Exhibit; taking on new responsibilities of promoting growth and enhancing life.

This project is executed with fully sustainable materials + methods, and vernacular craft + architecture. The material selection process was modeled after the Japanese system of maintaining traditional craft, aka, japanese intangible cultural heritage.

The concluding translation of the design intervention. The final 2-dimensional form is elevated into a 3-dimensional habitable space.

The design intervention is synthesized with the fundamental concept of the system of deforestation. Depleting forests caused by man require intervention through many disciplines to regenerate and replenish biodiversity.


The human desire to build and expand [and to not properly preserve] strains the environment past standard means of reconciliation. 

Direct action must be taken.

These experiences will be born from fusing the ideas of imprinting, nesting and nurturing with the rising and depleting health of our forests. 

The fate of our forests over time intricately intertwining with imprinting through calligraphic practices.

The stages are identified and translated at key impressions and depressions. The impressions left behind will be translated into a distorted experience so the story can be told to the viewers in a completely original way.

A study done by The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, analyzed the behavior of a colony of rhesus monkeys for several generations; those who were raised by nurturing parents were more positively advanced socially and behaviorally, and more positively impacted their larger society.

The unnatural decay of forests is studied through observation of the cycle of life and death in conjunction with calligraphy and impressions.

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