Reforesting Exhibit Master Section

A look into the belly of the beast.

The exhibition carries on within the carved channel.

Everchanging scenery as you walk in rhythm with the river.

Excerpt 1


It has taken over a century of accumulating science to convince people of the dangers of global warming. Despite it's acknowledgement from as early as the late 1800s, only 30 years ago did it become front page news. Today, our environment is still widely unconsidered in the name of profit.

From 1900 to 1980, a new temperature record was set on average every 13.5 years; since 1981, it has increased to every 3 years. The damage we have created by ignoring climate change may not be clearly evident to those in positions of privilege; but our fragile eco-systems, our hunted wildlife, our indigenous folk, our under-developed and under-funded countries and communities, have a front row seat. Our blindness will be our downfall.


Global warming occurs when air pollutants collect in our atmosphere and trap the heat that is trying to escape. Deforestation and the livestock farming industry [which are often married] contribute to 2/5 of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions. The Amazon Rainforest; houses 1/2 of the world's wildlife and 2/3 of it's plant species, is home to indigenous ancestral land, it stores over 1/2 the world's rain water, and is home to the natural ingredients of over 25% of our medicines,

transformation sketch

Excerpt 2

As a member of the design community, it is my duty to recognize, understand, appreciate and interpose injustices; here specifically, a deep-rooted and persistent environmental and humanitarian injustice.

Change is inescapable; it must be popularized across all scales, personal to global. Because of the severity of these issues, I, personally, have made mindful changes in my everyday life. Some modest but effective changes can include; reducing waste, reusing waste, refurbishing, repurposing, and recycling [as a last resort]. These practices have unexpectedly, but rewardingly, inspired others to enact change of their own. *Reducing meat consumption is an impactful method of minimizing your carbon footprint.


In order for these lifestyles to impactfully contribute, we need cooperation from big corporations, like the meat industry and the logging industry. I am proposing a mature solution to deforestation and the global demand for allocated resources related to mechanized livestock husbandry. It will foster it's own resources and methods through sustainable practices, minimizing the carbon footprint. It will educate viewers on the importance and urgency of these issues. It will offer solutions and sustainable alternatives to the existing unsustainable practices.

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